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I completely forgot about Panzer Dragoon! And, you're completely right. My comment was pretty short sighted. I actually have no problem with reading through a game's story, either, I just (probably wrongly) assumed that that was most people's issue with Zelda not having voice-acting.

Also, recording only one audio track would actually be a pretty cost efficient and smart way to do voice work for a game. I wasn't really thinking of it in that way. I was focused on versus no voice acting at all.

I thought it was a neat idea to begin with, but I wasn't sure how practical it was in the sense of 'would it fully address the requests from the fans that want to see voice acting and thus be a good use of the money invested in doing it.' (I didn't communicate that well at all, haha) But either way, now you've sold me on the idea!

I don't mind Zelda with text and I don't think I would mind Zelda with voice acting, either. I'm pretty easy to please! I think this would be a cool idea and it's sort of right in the middle (and could definitely help build up the world of Hyrule.)


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