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Wed Apr 20 16 01:39am
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That would only apply if you compare Wii U first party to NX third party. The posted rumor only states it'll have a larger library than Wii U. If you're going to include 3rd party NX you might as well compare it to 3rd party Wii U which gives you hundreds of games, not ~30. I'm guessing they honestly meant 1st/2nd party Wii U games only.

Didn't they combine the console and mobile hardware divisions a year or two back? This will probably be a successor to both the Wii U and 3DS and so they'll technically get away with having all those games because they'd have more than the Wii U (but less than the 3DS). Half of them will probably be smartphone style games, ports/remasters and backwards compatible/VC style games. If they port over old content it still technically builds a larger library than 1st party Wii U games Nintendo produced.


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