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1. It's a rumor, and nothing else until proven otherwise.

2. I'll believe it when I see it.

3. Getting a steadier flow of games is a good thing, but if it is anything even remotely approaching rushing software to get it out faster, then that is NOT ever a good thing. Nintendo has proven over the decades that taking longer to make a GOOD game, instead of rushing something out just to have something out, is always the right way to go.

If the "New Nintendo" merely changes their ways to more closely match the way many Western companies operate, then that is absolutely a bad thing.

4. First party titles cannot carry a console alone. Wii U has proven that.

5. I am already long since past having NX talk fatigue. It's getting really really really old. The Wii U isn't dead yet, and honestly deserves it's final year in the sun without everyone rushing off to see the brand new thing. That is precisely why Zelda U should remain Wii U exclusive, because the system, and it's long-term owners most especially, deserve that ONE defining game of the console, which honestly it has yet to ever truly receive.

I've said it before, and it bears repeating: people cheering for NX to come out in 2016, are honestly cheering for NX to wind up just like Wii U did, no matter what these rumors claim. Nintendo needs to take their time, with the console, with new games, with marketing, with everything. Period.


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