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...except that nintendo themselves and all rumors suggest that they are aiming for the core player base of nintendo and sony and microsoft, which those games dont appeal to.

It sounds alot more like the idea of making games smaller and maybe just selling them for less, which would be a better system anyways. I doubt a majority of gamers who also have to keep up with xbox and playstation and pc releases have the kind of money needed to shell out 60 bucks for every game they want across their systems, and the rapid pace at which big name titles are being pumped out these days ensure that most people (especially the college age demo that is the majority of buyers) have to think real hard about what huge game they are getting this month, because buying them all is costly, and they will likely have little time to play everything they get. If nintendo is spending any amount of money researching the people they claim they want to attract, they know all this.

attractive games for low cost and short investment time required = money
This is exactly why episodic games are so popular, why survivalcraft games make millions of dollars despite all being the same freaking thing (and none of them good), why games like stardew valley are in the top 5 sales on steam (id be surprised if a nintendo development team took more than a month to make the same game).

Its also why people freaked out over no man's sky being 60 bucks, because people (on pc) can get similar games for 20 bucks, and they can get them right now.


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