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Wed Apr 20 16 02:28am
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Zelda NX (Port), Smash 4 NX (port), Donkey Kong Country: Kremling Chaos (Retro Studios), New 3D Mario game (EAD Tokyo), Luigi's Mansion 3 (NLG), Mario Maker: Directors Cut(port with new features), Mario Kart 9(Nintendo), Hyrule Warriors NX(port), Animal Crossing NX (Nintendo), Pikmin 4 (Nintendo), and Warioware NX (intelligent systems) will be first year and a half.

Second year will consist of: New Kirby title (Hal Lab), new IP (Retro Studios), Mario Party 11 (ND Cube), Diddy Kong Racing 2 (Monster Games), Amiibo centric game ala Skylanders/infinity (Nintendo), Pokemon game of some sort (Pokemon Company/Gamefreak), New home console Fire Emblem game (intelligent systems).

3rd year will have: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Monolith Soft), SplaTwoon (Nintendo), F-Zero GX HD (remake/port by Monster Games), New Metroid game (Nintendo), Mario superstar baseball 3 (Namco/Nintendo), Punch-Out!! NX (NLG), Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 (Sora ltd/Hal Labs)

4th year will have: Another main Zelda game (Nintendo), Paper Mario for NX (intelligent systems), Star Fox for NX (Platinum Games), Super Mario Sunshine HD (EAD Tokyo), Mario Golf NX (Camelot), New 3D Donkey Kong game (co- developed by Retro Studios and Playtonic Games), Another Pokemon spin-off.

5th and final year of the NX's life cycle will consist of: Another Kirby game (Hal Lab), Mario Party 12 (ND Cube), Super Mario Strikers 3 (NLG), Wario & Waluigi's Wicked Wonderland (Good-Feel), Sin & Punishment 3 (Treasure), and Rhythm Heaven: Blitz (intelligent systems).

New amiibo figures for NX include: Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong , King K. Rool, Waluigi, Ridley, Toadette, Daisy, Classic overalls Wario, Gengar, Crazy Redd, Sylux, Sceptile, Tingle, Wolf O'Donnel, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Funky Kong, Impa, Raichu, Bandana Dee, Krystal, All seven Koopalings, Zoroark, Snorlax, King Boo, King Hippo, a whole Fire Emblem line, Paper Mario, and a Sonic line of amiibo.

There will also be more Nintendo partnerships some of these titles include Bayonetta 3, Mario & Sonic: Olympic Games NX, exclusive Sonic title, exclusive Rayman title, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Nintendo vs. Capcom, Monster Hunter 4 + Generations HD, Resident Evil 7 (wont be exclusive but have exclusive content), Prince of Persia NX revival, Tomb Raider NX (be a port of the second game with Nintendo exclusive costumes), No More Heroes 3 (co-funded by Nintendo), New Mega Man game (co-funded by Nintendo), Final Fantasy ports (with nintendo costumes).

I know all of this info because my cousin's sister is the secretary to Reggie Fil-Aime who was listening in on a phone conversation from Kimashima and Miyamoto during a Nintendo meeting that took place 6 months in the future on a Saturday evening. Trust me guys she's legit!


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