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Wed Apr 20 16 11:21am
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I completely agree. If the controls need to be defended or explained in a manner that is longer than most reviews will be, they are already broken.

I personally get motion sickness, and while I can keep it in check, reading about these controls pretty much tells me a game that I have waited ages for will be unplayable for me strictly because "N" wants to force me to their way of thinking.

I personally don't desire to look around, or waggle controls, or interact with games on that level. It's great for those that do, but being force fed such things without options is why I have really begun to dislike this company at the most basic of levels. Would it have killed them to just offer options that would allow for EVERYONE to enjoy this game?

"Look at how well this tablet works for gaming, and how great of a business decision it was for us to included it with the Wii U". This is their thinking, and why they NEVER offer options. Voice chat, online options, region free? These are all examples where they know best, and to hell with the consumer.

I'll get this at some point for my son, as he's more than happy to spin around and act a fool in front of the TV. So I'll give it a try when the time comes, but based on my time with Splatoon, I'm not expecting my opinion to change.


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