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I think the decision was made for most of you regardless of the type of review that was posted. It's this "traditional control bias" that I just don't understand. A game should do so many things from immersing you, bringing you joy, providing a sense of accomplishment and just being fun.I don't know how much better of a review this could have been as from what was presented it does all of these thing and more. Simple button mashing doesn't do that. This is a peek into the future of not just Nintendo but all game makers and if you don't start to embrace it now, you will be left behind with nothing but nostalgia and disappointment . As hardcore gamers you want things for you to be challenged by, Nintendo gives it to you and you complain. Go figure.
I have been excited for this game since day 1 (it's my screen saver for peets sake). I am willing to invest the time and reach my own conclusion. People complained about Splatoon's controls as well and it took a little while but I absolutely love that game.
Thank you for your review, it would have been easy to be one of the big mainstream game outlets or snooty bloggers and cast it aside because it doesn't fit the traditional mode but I am glad you took the time and energy to create what I hope is an accurate representation.
One more quick point, when I got Starfox Command for the DS I cast it aside quickly because I couldn't enjoy the controls.I didn't want to invest the time. I picked it back up just to replay it. After using the Kid Icarus stand with it and investing an hour of time to refamiliarize myself with the controls, it clicked and I realized that it is really a cool and unique game to play.


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