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I played StarFox Zero a few weeks ago at WonderCon and I really enjoyed it.

The Nintendo reps did an awesome job of explaining how the game plays. They made sure that people playing the game had a good feel for the controls before embarking on the mission. After speeding through the tutorial, I jumped in thinking I had the controls down but soon realized that I didn't know how to tilt the Arwing left and right. I felt dumb asking the rep how to do it, but it was my fault for rushing through the tutorial. I was so accustomed to using the L and R buttons from playing the original game that I didn't notice that the right control stick handled that now.

There was a moment where I turned the Arwing into the walker and couldn't hit the enemy's weak point as it needed to be from above and I was face-to-face with it now. The Nintendo rep explained that I needed to boost upward and aim downward to defeat the enemy. It clicked with me instantly. The rep told me that he tells everyone that, but I was one of the few that actually listened and pulled it off right away.

My point is, there are people that will play this game thinking that they know everything there is to it (myself included) that will not do well without familiarizing themselves with the controls completely. You've got to humble yourself (do the tutorials properly) and put that "Yeah, yeah, I got it" mentality aside if you want to fully enjoy this new experience.


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