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"Do you think maybe they'll do what you said?"

Technically, what I said was that Nintendo should expand the number of studios it has so that it could release more games at a consistent level of quality.

That takes significant resources, though, so the time where that was a practical move was eight years ago.

"Making more titles at a lower budget to diversify and add quantity to their system?"

It is not even necessarily a budget thing. Good games take time to make.

Could Nintendo have cut off two years from Zelda Wii U's dev cycle? Yeah. Would that make it a better game? Doubtful. What would Aonuma and his team do with the extra time? Probably work on another Zelda game.

The question of diversification goes to how well they manage the limited number of games that they do manage to release. During most of the Wii U's lifespan, I suggested that maybe instead of having ten sequels and one new IP each year, they should have thought about maybe making the ratio slightly more equal, like seven-to-four.