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"It is tough, specially considering like we've discussed before some of the best Zeldas have had the shortest development time and worst has had the most"

In fairness, the ones with the shorter dev time had the benefit of being on handhelds/re-using assets and engines from previous games. I am more sympathetic to Zelda Wii U's lengthy dev cycle than, say, Skyward Sword's. The former is not just going to be a built-from-scratch affair but also the first from-the-ground-up HD Zelda game, so they kinda needed to spend all that time working on WW and TP remakes to learn how to develop in HD to begin with.

"Anyway we're getting close to know what's next, and I think it's 50-50 chance of either being a trainwreck or the boring, "traditional, graphic, standard" of our time, that will not have the best third party support."

Honestly, if it can get to the graphical standards of our time and does not have a whacky control-scheme that alienates developers, it should start getting most of the same third-party multiplats that everyone else is getting.

Third-party exclusives are getting so rare that I am not certain it really matters which system has 'the best' third-party support when all companies are getting versions of nearly every game.


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