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Wed Apr 20 16 06:28pm
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Odallus pretty easily outclasses the likes of Simon's Quest and NEStroid. Especially on Veteran mode, where things get kind of savage.

I'm not sure if this statement has killed my interest in Odallus or piqued my curiosity in Simon's Quest and NEStroid. I mean, if you think Odallus is all right, then those two must be considerably better than what I've been led to believe. Not necessarily good, but not the insults to humanity that so many act like they are (sort of like Zelda II, which I actually kind of like).

Concerning the general topic, I've recently played:

Pink Hour and Pink Heaven: Interactive ads for Kero Blaster and not much more, but they did their job because now I really want to check out KB, lol. I really liked how Hard mode radically altered stage design instead of simply giving you a single health point while making enemies meaner. Including multiple endings was also a nice touch. I think I got all but one ending in both games and the one I haven't seen is what I believe to be the definitive ending in Pink Hour (though I'm not even sure if it's real because there's only one mention of it on the internet). Anyway, looking forward to seeing what KB has.

Rayman Origins: Never beat the final level the first time round, so I deleted my save file and started over, beating the Livid Dead as well as collecting all speed trophies. The final level was very good, though not quite as hard as I thought it would be, and I actually found several speed trophies considerably harder. The most difficult part was the boss, but she was more of an annoying challenge than an interesting one. The best part was easily the second 'room', and from there the bone snake segment was especially great.

Playing it basically twice back-to-back (once for normal progression and a second time for speed trophies) made me realize how much of the game doesn't really take advantage of Rayman's many abilities unless you try and speedrun it, but even then, I felt like they could have done more. More stages designed around the unique wall-jumping mechanics and using Rayman's moves to manipulate his trajectory and momentum would have been nice.

Still, the game is quite good, definitely among the best in its genre. Overall, however, I'm inclined to say that the console NSMBs are better because they have consistently more interesting level design and better multiplayer.

Also, everyone already knows how beautiful this game is, but what I really love is its fantastic soundtrack. It's very hard to pick out a select few to share, but these are probably my personal favorites:




Definitely one of the best soundtracks in anything.


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