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Wed Apr 20 16 07:55pm
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To the naysayers of SFZ's controls. So let me get this straight. SFZ's controls are a bad idea because it doesn't work for you despite obviously working for many others as there have been many other reviews posted today besides RMC's with positive views on the controls? Sure, got it. Here's another more accurate way of looking at things especially as it pertains to this game. You don't like or even want to bother with the game because of the controls and while that's your prerogative, it's also your problem. Your hang up. Not anyone else's, least of all Miyamoto's. If the controls were being universally panned and decried across the board then your positions would hold more merit but that's not the case. Instead it's you guys who refuse to step outside your little bubble. I hate it therefore it's clearly broken and doesn't work and Miyamoto has lost his touch etc etc etc. It's totally not you in any way shape or form. There's no introspection whatsoever.

Now, because RMC has posted a positive review that further detracts from some of the baseless arguments against the game's chosen controls, which you haven't even played for yourselves mind you further detracting from any merit but I digress, you usual suspects are now attacking/dismissing him for choosing to spend most of his time on what we all already knew would be the main point of contention as it relates to SFZ trying to qualm anybody who might be on the fence because of his or her fears so they don't maybe miss out on something they will end up enjoying because the controls do in fact work. How dare he try and offer a detailed and thorough review of the games most divisive feature amirite? It's a bit pathetic from you guys but not really surprising considering that one of you flat-out told RMC he should "write efficiently". I mean seriously. The nerve of some of you guys. Enjoy your circle jerk guys. Some of you really need to look in the mirror.


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