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Thu Apr 21 16 12:58am
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I mean, if you think Odallus is all right, then those two must be considerably better than what I've been led to believe.
LOL, please do not take that as an endorsement. I do not want that on my conscience, haha.

I only bring those two games up because they are...historically significant and because Odallus features direct references to them; not because they are especially good.


"Not necessarily good, but not the insults to humanity that so many act like they are (sort of like Zelda II, which I actually kind of like)."

There are certainly many games that are much worse from that era, though if I were going to suggest an actual NES game to try, it would probably be Shatterhand.

"The most difficult part was the boss, but she was more of an annoying challenge than an interesting one."

Yeah, the boss is basically a lame, anti-climactic memorization game that comes out of nowhere.

(And of course that was the one and only part of the level that the sequel kept in the 'Back to Origins' part. -_-)


"Definitely one of the best soundtracks in anything."

Yeah, it is pretty dope. I think my favorite song might be one that did not even make it into the game and got relegated to the commercials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmwWOlhnXJM&

In an ideal world, there would be more games paying tribute to 16-bit era games than the ones on third-generation hardware
Sooooo, after I made that comment, I remembered that I owned Freedom Planet, so it seemed only fair that I give it a shot while taking a break from getting humbled by Odallus's Veteran Mode. Took it for a spin and beat it as Lilac on Hard mode.

Honestly, it is... okay. Basically a Gunstar Heroes type deal: I love the boss battles to the point where I will probably go through the other two character campaigns, but the stages themselves are kind of forgettable and nowhere near the level of the Sonic equivalents that they are very obviously aping. For instance, there are a ton of different enemy types but outside of maybe two or three, hell if I remember what any of them actually do.

A large chunk of this might be because there is a life-system that is 100% useless, since Game Overs just send the player back to the same auto-save-every-five-seconds checkpoint that regular deaths do. What is the point of having intricately-designed-and-placed hazards if they are easily bypassed by pure brute force that does not require someone to actually learn how to play the game at any level of proficiency? Unless I actively want to speedrun that stuff, all I need to do is make it to the next checkpoint a couple screens over and then I can just forget every single part of design that I just went through.

Still, those bosses tho. Definitely waaaaay better than anything Sonic ever fielded. The last one in particular probably accounted for more than half of my total deaths over the entire campaign. That guy was a jerk, lol.

Oh, and major props to the developers for featuring a Classic mode that does not subject players to the presumably awful cutscenes that would have to link the random progression of set-pieces together. 'Okay, now I am fighting a guy riding a robotic peacock. Sure, let's go with it.'



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