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Thu May 05 16 10:49pm
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1. Removal of content sucks, period. However, there's no solid PROOF that the Battle Frontier was going to be in ORAS. Yes, there are references to it, but that still doesn't prove GAME FREAK planned to include it. Even so, that isn't a REGIONAL difference. If the Battle Frontier was in the Japanese version of ORAS, and then removed from the NA/EU releases, then I can assure you a lot of people would be upset.

2. Star Fox Zero's controls are FINE.

3. A delay just means we'll get it later, not never. If Nintendo pulled "a Konami" and completely canceled the new Zelda (like Konami did with Silent Hills), then I could understand people being upset (I know I would be). Or, if they canceled the Wii U version and only released it on NX, I could understand people being upset about that.

The difference between the upset with censorship (I don't care whether or not you think it's censorship, that's a moot point and beside the issue) of FE Fates, TMS#FE, etc. and the lack of Battle Frontier in ORAS is they spent extra development time to REMOVE content that was ALREADY THERE. Whereas the inclusion of Battle Frontier in ORAS would require extra development time to ADD something that ISN'T CURRENTLY PART OF THE GAMES.

If you're complacent with receiving a neutered product, and rather complain about things that weren't there in the first place, then I think it's YOU whose priorities are wrong.


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