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psi wind
Thu May 05 16 11:42pm
Rating: 6

Do you honestly think that the characters in this game who are "scantly" clothed are just for fanservice? No, the whole message and plot of this game revolves around the idol industry in Japan and how screwed up it can be. Gravure shots are part of the Idol industry for example, so changing those images in that dungeon lessens the impact of the games message. Then there's the fact that the changes are inconsistent as they don't show up in cutscenes but do in battles. And THEN Nintendo actually had to get the JP VAs to literally redo certain lines that they REWROTE COMPLETELY such as Tsubasa's introduction scene or them mentioning their age. These changes, in moderation, are generally something I can deal with, but with each new localization from Nintendo, more and more edits are done to the point that you aren't getting the original version and are literally acting like 4kids, but now people are totally okay with it. It never was "muh clothes". It's about how MUCH is done and changed and where. If it was just some outfit changes like Tsubasa's idol outfit, that's okay. When you literally change the meaning and message from the original product though, that crosses the line.


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