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Fri May 06 16 12:15am
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Oh that's the first Video of the hilarious changes, he even uploaded a second one where the cleavage of a Boss is covered by mist in our Version.

Well, let's focus on this Video here:

1. Of course the new Outfit looks terrible. She now looks like a boy with an "I was in Youth Prison for 2 Month" Tattoo on her cheek. That was most likely done by Atlus because they were so annoyed by Nintendos strict rules they thought: "Let's raise the Nuts-Level to 10.

2. Like you already figured, the whole Story of this Dungeon in the Game doesen't make sense anymore due to this edits. It's actually plain stupid now and ridiculous.

3. Atlus wont make these changes for free. How much does it cost to fully edit this Game with so many changes? Money, Nintendo could have spend on releasing the Game in at least 5 popular languages for the subtitles.

Disgusting changes. Glad Atlus announced yesterday the release date for Persona 5 in Japan. So a Western release will follow most likely quick, at least in the US. Better save the money for that instead of supporting Nintendos lunacy. And from this point on, it will most likely get even more hilarious on upcoming Games.


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