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So, I didn't bother watching the video, 'cause I'm honestly just gonna wait for the game to be released here before I see most/any of it.

But that said, I'm still amazed people get so worked up over "censorship". Based on the comments, it might change some of the context of some of the dungeons, but along with these changes, I'm sure they've altered the script enough for it to make sense.

Folks really need to stop acting like these sorts of changes are something new. We've gotten such changes for DECADES in localized games, and the general public didn't know or care, and some of the games that even got hit with many graphical and script edits, like Earthbound, are regarded as classics. Overall, the feel of the game was not changed, it was aesthetically altered, and the script was changed enough to make sense to Western audiences.

My point here is, basically, it's not a new practice, and it ultimately doesn't "hurt" nearly as much as people make it out to be. Even other games like Fire Emblem Fates, where we supposedly had "major censorship", were still great and weren't really harmed by these changes.

In the end, though... the only change to this game I don't like is the fact that it isn't really Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem anymore. It basically only inherited a variation of the press-turn system from SMT, and the basic concept is close to Persona, but with Fire Emblem characters instead of religion/culture based demons.


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