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That's easy to say, being on the consumer end, not having to fit the bill or take PR risks for localization. Companies do make odd choices for the weirdest reasons, but the most stake consumers have is whether or not they buy the game. It's the companies that will have to deal with the public reception depending on who catches wind (for better or for worse).

That's why I say that if folks believe in the cause and want badly enough, they should start their own localization/publishing firm. Show Nintendo and every other "spineless" dev/publisher how it's done and how there's nothing to be afraid of. If there's no backlash or effected sales due to whatever controversy of the week there is, then other companies will follow suit. If the venture crashes and burns... well then we'll all have learned a valuable lesson.

When those above choose to ignore you, lead by example. Quite a novel concept, I'm sure!


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