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Folks really need to stop acting like these sorts of changes are something new.
I really haven't seen anyone say it's something new. I only see people saying it isn't new.

My point here is, basically, it's not a new practice
But it is something that has become more common knowledge, due to how information can now spread over the internet. Just because it has happened for a long time without our knowing doesn't make it okay now that we know of it. I'm sure there are a lot of horrible things happening all over the world that I don't know of... But the moment I know of it, I think I'm right in being upset over it.
Disclaimer: I am not saying these changes are equally bad as "horrible things happening all over the world". I merely used it as an example that shows that it's not bad to get upset over something old if it's something you learned of just now

and it ultimately doesn't "hurt" nearly as much as people make it out to be
Like before, I haven't really seen that many people say it hurts a lot of people. They are mostly 'battling' (strong word, but at the moment I can't find a better one) for themselves and other like-minded people


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