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Some more notes.

Both pages say (c)Nicalis 2016.
The Angelcomm.net page features links to 2016 trailers.
The blog entries from the Angelcomm.net page appear on the Nicalis.com page.

The Angelcomm.net page only llists that Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth for computers (Windows). The Nicalis page announces its recent (yesterday) release on consoles.

The 90s GP Racer lists two platforms -- neither of which was in the Kickstarter (which means it does not list any platform from the Kickstarter campaign: WiiU, Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android). The info on that game fits the 90s Arcade Racer, however, with greater specificity in the details.

Given the reputation that Nicalis has with some people (see NeoGAF comments as well as those above), it could make future ventures difficult for the company -- if the rumor is true.


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