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fred duck
Wed May 11 16 09:30pm
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When you buy something, you can sell, rent, lend, or trade it. If it's DRM-free, you can also use it on as many devices as you would like and any device you happen to have. You say this is not personally important to you in this specific case but that doesn't mean these very real advantages aren't important to others. If you keep telling companies "it's okay to not let us own anything!" then they're going to keep pulling this digital release CRAP because there are 8,000,000 advantages for the companies and about 3 really lazy ones for customers.

Now, you say renting a game off eshop is "ironically" closer to "buying" than actual retail buying is because...you can't sell it or lend it out.


Two of the traditional advantages of buying things are being able to sell them and lend them.


If you rent games from eShop and...

...your system falls into a hydrothermal vent and breaks, you can't play your games and may lose your save data.
...your system runs out of battery and you have no charger, you can't play your games.
...your system is stolen by inter-dimensional ninja, you get to lose all your progress in multiple games at the same time.
...you want to switch systems, you have to beg Nintendo and hope they still support system transfers and everything goes smoothly.

If you buy actual physical games and...
...your system is run over by an M1 Abrams tank, you can put the game in another system and play.
...your battery dies, you can put the game in another system and play.
...a handsome, mustachioed thief snatches your system from the back of a horse, you can put the game in another system and play.
...you want to play the game on another system, you can put the game in another system and play.

No, physical cartridges are not invincible. (See the "Will it Blend?" series online.) However, neither are systems. The likelihood of a system breaking down is much greater than the likelihood of 20-50 games (however many carts you have) all simultaneously failing.

You may think digital-only is no inconvenience to you, but in future, that game will become completely inaccessible. Do we hate the people of the future so much? Is it because they have flying cars and we don't?


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