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Thu May 26 16 02:29pm
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If anything it should give those folks all the more reason to be mad at the ones creating the leaks/rumors in the first place.
I'm not sure if I completely understand this part. Why would people have more reason to be angry at leak/rumor creators if these leaks/rumors are placed behind the jump?

Now if these leaks/rumors are legitimate spoilers? (Like with the Pokemon XY leak from 2013) then yes, by all means place it after the jump
Good. To be honest, that's the most important one. Rumors are one thing, but real leaks really hurt Directs.

Should we hide all pictures of title screens because some folks consider that a spoiler?
Nah. I think a good guideline is to check if it is something Nintendo (or other publishers) intended the information to be made public. If not, it's a 'spoiler'. So press releases, trailers, screenshots are all fair game (even if people consider them spoilers) at least in the scope of this request.

Yes, some folks out there really are that sensitive. Going into a game 100% blind is one thing but to be absolutely afraid of even the most minor of details is just silly.
Hmhmm, indeed. I'm not looking to cater to the smallest minorities on the site, but I think this is a feature quite a large part of the community can appreciate. I'm not sure of that, of course! That's also a purpose of this threat: A census. To see what everyone thinks and if it would be worth it

Case in point, if it's a part of gaming news and if plenty of other Nintendo sites do not cover up rumors/leaks unless they are megaton, then GN shouldn't need to do this.
I dunno. GoNintendo is the source of Nintendo news for me, and I imagine for many others. For those people, this would really help.
And hey, just because other sites do it one way doesn't mean GoNintendo has to do it that way too. In fact, if anything, this uniqueness is what separates one site from the others

What I think would be a better way for folks on here, however is an option to "Blacklist" categories of news. For example if someone doesn't want to see rumors/leaks period, they can just add the subject to their blacklist and have all stories under those categories completely invisible, while the general public and those who don't mind can see them the way they're meant to be seen.
That's definitely an option too! Not really a good option for me personally since I use the RSS feed, but I imagine I am really in the minority on this one and I don't particularly mind adapting if needed.
(I would still prefer to keep using the RSS too thanks to the ability to know which articles are read, and to go through articles in chronological order.)

To clarify, I have zero intention of coming across as rude, I just wanted to express my thoughts on the matter since you did say that's what we can do. If you have a counterargument, I wouldn't mind hearing it at all, since that's what these threads are for.
You did great. This is exactly what a discussion forum is for. Whether a person agrees or disagrees, there should be respect and understanding, and that's what you showed.


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