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Tue Jun 21 16 10:53pm
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Haven't posted in here in a while. Here's some stuff I'm playing or have beaten since my last post:

La-Mulana EX (PS Vita)


Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita)


Emily Wants To Play (PC)


Retro City Rampage (3DS)


Freedom Planet (Wii U)


Other than those, I'm close to finishing a second co-op playthrough of Dying Light on PS4. I'm at the final story mission, just doing some side quests that I mostly ignored in the original playthrough.

edit: I just remembered Broken Age on PS4. I really enjoyed it, I played until very close to the end (I think I had less than an hour to go until I would have finished it). It was classic old school point and click goodness. But I ran into a problem. Some of the solutions to some puzzles are random, so if you get stuck you can't just rush to GameFAQs or YouTube for the answer. Well at the puzzle I was stumped on, it was where you had to re-wire a little robot thingy. I managed to get it right, then I needed to re-wire it back to how it was originally and I just could not remember how it was and there was no way to reload checkpoints. After an hour of failed attempts I gave up and just deleted the damn game. It was so good until that point.


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