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Thu Jun 23 16 02:20pm
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TV-related Anime watchamajigs? Aside from Game Center CX dubbed runs, I'm slowly detaching myself from not-lunch/dinner TV sittings (except for home console gaming), but I do have had some Anime series sittings between old and new stuff in the past year or two. Here're my overall thoughts:

-) Cowboy Bebop
Really fun and enjoyable series! I love how each and every episode is dictated by a different soundtrack each and every time, according to the story narrated.

-) Working!!!
My lil'bro dragged in for the first season. With zero-to-no knowledge of the 'Slice of Life' genre it's quite laid-back and harmlessly fun enough to persuade me on watching the second season as well! I still can't figure out why the series' creators have always relegated a season's last episode to let one of the characters in there to actually have an active speaking role of sorts...

-) Death Note
If Case Closed isn't enough, this one is an interesting detective story to watch, but if there's one big thing that drags down my overall appreciation of DN, that's the main villain. THERE I SAID IT DON'T TORCH ME

-) Toriko
Another bro-inspired sitting. With the DBZ-like fighting portions being on the 'OK' spectre, it's the series' "food lore" of the world's aliments that turned out to be a quite unusual magnetic force for me to see which kind of fabled edible elements and dishes can be made!

-) Food Wars -Shougeki no Soma-
My only guess this one made it in Italy is because of the Masterchef craze that has hit us years ago... However, more 'down-to-Earth' food talk are enough for a serviceable series, but was that occasional 'Food-based Hypersexualization' that much needed to be occasionally peppered in along the whole trip?

-) Himouto! Umaru-chan
Short, sweet, gaming-related winks galore and occasional genuinely-funny scenes, what's not to like in there?... Well, I for one do believe that for another 'Slice of Life' series the overall framed setting doesn't challenge the main character(s) in some form or kind of "in-the-course" personal development like in Working before, but yeah for the rest it was a fun, very short ride.

-) Assassination Classroom
Watching this due to the superb Manga series. Faithfully engaging transposition, based on what I could see for both? Sure! For the sake of the Anime, overlong exposition-based scenes aren't that much shoehorned in for a more smooth watching experience, but I'd recommend to anyone else who enjoyed the series to read some of the Manga chapters as well- in my opinion they convey topics and stories/backstories effectively, with many expositional elements that an animated television series' literal transposition could easily risk on dragging into boredom.