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I've been playing two great IR aiming titles.

Sin & Punishment Star Successor and Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

I know there's a bitterness regarding alternative control schemes but I think the second analog stick should evolve.

After replaying Star Successor and finally finishing I can say it has a lot more inspiration from Contra, the original at times feel like it ripped several Neon Genesis Evangelion imagery at times. One of the levels though looks very similar to a set of tracks from F-Zero GX. I only think like the Wonderful 101 there are moments where the game expects you to do something and when you don't it feels a bit tiresome killing certain enemies. Still it's a good showcase of the wiimote pointer.

RE4 Wii Edition, is my favorite version of RE4. While I can agree the visuals have aged and there's kind of harsh aliasing, I feel the precision is excellent like with Dead Space 1 the basic gun can be very deadly. The shooting gallery is more fun (now that I remember Dead Space also had one ).

Sadly not everything can be perfect. I've have had to suspend playing because of batteries running out. T_T


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