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I had Star Fox Zero and liked it. I only played solo. I brought it over to my friends house and watched him and his 10 y/o play. They absolutely had a blast. It's really much better as a co-op experience and I think that's what they were shooting for. Then again, I didn't truly put too much time into it. I got decent but not great. After I sold it, I looked up some videos online of people playing it who were good at it and I was blown away. The problem is it wasn't compelling enough for me to want to devote that much time to it to improve. I just can't stand the haters claiming it's the controls fault. All they need to do is practice but today's gamer is lazy. I may not have been great like the videos I watched but I was good enough to enjoy it. I hear people playing it for 20 minutes and giving up. It's sad


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