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We want to play the actual game, and we want that experience to be intuitive. A training room shouldn't even be necessary.

Pretty much sums it all up in that one sentence.

Nintendo used to have the strongest reputation for game design in this regard, and SFZ is such a stark contrast to that reputation that it almost feels like it can't be real.

And then the follow up to reinforce it, well said.

We pretty much attribute all the shortfalls in the more recent controller implementation releases to that of them catering to casuals/"All" audiences.
They can't expect one side who has supported them for years to suddenly conform to a different and unforgiving markets "standards".

IF their goal is to unify casuals with real fans, they are going at it the wrong way, and probably don't realize just how incompatible they are with each other in general and on principle.

Pick a few games aimed at casuals, and have your primary focus more aimed at fans, no need to make one for both, cause then Neither will want it. Again, this can be fixed with the use of modes, if they are dead set to just make one release version and catering to both. They might think it's rude or whatever, but it really isn't at all.

As for the rest of your post, I address/found the meaning you seek as to why it was such a mess in a top post on the next page; Attributed to a 'misread signal'. The review portion was also very insightful.

Hopefully at this point, we can now move on from the mess that was SF0.
(Probably heading towards a new mess, known as Federation Force. . .)


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