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It might be early to say. But the execution is really jarring. Anime TV studios aren't there yet in regards to making 3D CG look immersive enough. I know the decision might be because animating action scenes (which Berserk has at almost every moment) might have been too hard and expensive to do faithfully. However IMO 3D looks really off when the characters are talking and standing still.

Also and I can't put my finger on it yet. The execution felt antiquated in terms of storytelling, kinda like a play or puppet show, I don't know it's missing something more cinematic in regards of its execution.

But yeah I think after 20 years or so since the last anime (which was very stilted) it's kind of sad that we're not there yet of seeing an anime that nails the art style all the way. I mean it also happened with Gyo, some things are VERY hard to translate to animation.