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Mon Jul 04 16 01:48am
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Okay, real talk? I never got the "How do you hold it?" jokes lobbed at the N64 controller. Yeah, it looks weird as hell, but it not hard to figure out. Middle and right for most games. If that doesn't work, then try the D-pad. Bam. You playing Nintendo. Got that down when I was five. (Five-year-old me did make the mistake of ripping the red RCA connector off the set of cables though, since one of the TVs I played my N64 on was mono. So I thought that the red connector was unneeded. Still have yet to replace it...) XP

As for the topic at hand, total agreement on Pikmin 3. Lack of underground caves aside, Pikmin 3 is a great entry that surpasses the previous two. Star Fox Zero, on the other hand, is a very mixed bag. It's not a terrible game, per se (I enjoy it), but it is severely overdeveloped. What could have been a few novel Gamepad ideas if used separately becomes an odd control scheme with a high barrier for entry when used together. It's really strange, and complex controls is the last thing you think of when you think Star Fox, much less Nintendo as a developer in and of itself.


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