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I know better now. But back in the day 3D, a controller way different from the SNES or Genesis, etc. It was a lot of stuff, even more when N64 still retained a bit of the difficulty of some SNES games. Before the GC brought full fledged tutorials to almost every genre.

I still haven't played Pikmin 2 so all this comments mentioning 3 missed some good aspects from that game fly over my head. I mean, it did looked exactly the same as Pikmin 1. My assumption is like with Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Pikmin 3 focuses more heavily to the puzzles than the combat, which in a way makes it easier since aside from the last area the challenge mainly came from how to manage the fruit collection in each level. With the unknown big creature appearing from time to time.

I ado agree on your comment with Zero. It feels like Nintendo released an experiment on them trying to create something out of the hardware rather than the hardware adding something to the game. I do think taking the controls aside Zero did add some refinements I appreciate, more vehicles to play around, each controlling differently, separating the arwing's movement and aiming makes the game more interesting, more precise, and gives more opportunity to ramp up the score. And while still debatable it makes me reflect if the second stick could be replaced with something else since we've have had over the years several other options being more precise, gyro, and IR aiming, and the mouse. I think that's the only thing it did make me question about why not having a standard control, I don't think it'll have been better. (unless it was super incredibly sensitive).


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