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If he wanted either game to be received better, then he should have made sure they were MADE better.

I can't 100% speak for Star Fox, because while I have been wanting a new, TRUE sequel to SF64 forever, I decided against buying this specifically because I found it that you would NOT have the option to play it with normal controls. That, on top of the fact that I already disliked that it wasn't a fully new game, with a NEW story and 100% new levels (which I think is just lazy), was a deal breaker.

But I CAN speak for Pikmin 3. I've said this in other threads, but I'll gladly say it again. Pikmin 3 is one of my biggest gaming disappointments ever. Not nearly on the level of actual disgust that "Star Fox": Assault gave me. More like just sad, and let down. It isn't hyperbole to say that I excitedly made sure I got a Wii U at launch, in large part because I wanted Pikmin 3. I was thrilled when it was announced for Wii, and when it was being moved to Wii U, I figured "Why not?"

The game is NOT a "bad" game. But as a PIKMIN game, compared to the first two games, both of which are absolutely brilliant? It's a pale shadow. It's a hollow husk. I have read some people, even on this site when it launched, claim it was the "best Pikmin ever". And while opinions are entirely subjective, at the same time, I'm sorry....but NO, it's not. It physically cannot be.

Why? Because it's missing THE fundamental elements that made Pikmin 1 and 2 so unique and such a joy to play in the first place. The things they removed from this game, made ZERO sense:

1. First and most important, the "c-stick" swarm function. That ONE ability, as far as I'm concerned, makes or breaks the entire Pikmin experience. Meaning with it removed, it simply ISN'T a proper Pikmin experience. Why? Because you're literally removing half the game's control and strategy. Having direct control over your swarm of Pikmin was ESSENTIAL in Pikmin 1 & 2, for avoiding hazards, for properly fighting enemies and bosses without losing a sh*t-ton of Pikmin, for tackling certain obstacles, etc.

And even in Pikmin 3, NOT being able to manually move the swarm is a MASSIVE handicap in those specific things. Boss battles are a chore, and a nightmare. You literally have zero control over whether you lose some Pikmin or not. All you can do in this game, is grab Pikmin, and throw them, and blow your whistle like mad and pray that they don't ALL get killed. It removes a massive amount of the control and strategy from the game. The Pikmin experience is NOT simply "grab a Pikmin, throw it at something". That was only half of the successful equation the first two games employed.

2. Which leads us to the second removal. The ability to zoom the goddamn camera. Not AS essential to the gameplay as manual swarming. But still pretty damn necessary and useful. This game only allows you to spin the camera around with the second analog....which SHOULD have been used for manual swarming in the first place. Being able to spin the camera around is a neat addition, but it wasn't necessary in the first two games, you could just refocus the camera to where you wanted to face it, at any time, ala Zelda. But NOT being able to zoom in and out, or get that top-down view? Miserable.

This forces you into many situations where you simply CANNOT get a proper view or angle on things, which again, sometimes makes the game needlessly difficult. Not as in HARD, but as in "I'm playing a game with half it's functionality removed, so it's not fully playable like a Pikmin game".

3. The least of the issues, but still beyond facepalm worthy. Only ONE save file slot. I found this out the hard way, when I first got the game, got a ways in it, and then a friend came over and I wanted to start a new game to show him the opening, and BOOM, oops, you're forced to rewrite your save file, and start a whole new game, losing ALL your old progress. That is THE dumbest sh*t on the face of God's green earth. Video games, let alone NINTENDO games, all the way back even on the NES with Zelda in the 80s, have had save files, as in MULTIPLE.

I noticed some other recent games, like the remake of Duck Tales, also do this, and it makes ZERO sense. There is ZERO value, there is ZERO advantage to only having one save slot. Even NSMB and Mario 3D World have multiple save slots. So why in the living hell would Pikmin, a game that FAR more needs them, NOT have them? Even trying to conceive why they would make such a dumb choice, is mind-numbing and headache inducing.

I will reiterate, it's not a "BAD" game. If this had been the only Pikmin game they'd ever made, I might even think it was pretty neat. But it's be clear, those three complaints are not simply subjective opinion or a matter of taste. They are essential, fundamental elements of the Pikmin experience, that they removed for no sensible, rational, justifiable reason. What they did was neuter the Pikmin experience.

I can (and did) look beyond the fact that you don't get to play Olimar. I can (and did) look beyond the even crappier fact that you DO NOT collect any treasures, which was another HUGE part of the fun and charm of the first two games. If it had these three elements still in there where they belong, I would have thought it was a LESSER Pikmin game, but still a good one. Hell, I could have even somehow found a way to somewhat get over no zoom and no multiple save files ,even though that would never stop sucking, IF the game at least had the manual swarm maneuvering, it would be far more playable, and enjoyable.

But the fact is, it doesn't. That would be tantamount to, let's say, them deciding to make a new Mario game, but fully removing his ability to RUN. He can still jump, but you can only walk forward, slowly, the entire game. It would still be playable. But it would not FEEL like a Mario game, would it? Mario has two very essential, fundamental elements: running and jumping. Remove either, and it's suddenly not a great Mario experience. And that is exactly what they did to Pikmin 3. They removed your ability to run, so to speak. The game is still playable, but without the ability to swarm, it is suddenly a very awkward, clumsy, and often cumbersome experience.

Sorry to go on a huge rant, but that one still hurts. Pikmin is legit one of my Top 10 games of all time, and in some ways I like Pikmin 2 even more (mainly because no time limit). Again, P3 didn't quite break my heart the way Assault did. But it still did. I was SO hyped for it, and then when I played it, I tried REALLY hard to like it. But you just cannot look past those things. Some people obviously did, and I have no idea how. You can argue that it's a good game till the cows come home, I have no issue with that. But it is NOT a good Pikmin game. I would even go so far as to say it feels like the team that made Pikmin 3 had never even played the first two games, let alone worked on them.

The experience soured me so much, that even though they've (basically) announced a Pikmin 4....I have zero excitement for it. Because I don't trust them to actually bother putting those essential elements BACK in where they belong.In a perfect world, Pikmin 4 would totally make up for 3: it would have Olimar and Louie back, it would have TREASURE hunting back, it would have stick-swarming, camera zoom, and multiple save files back. It would be everything 3 should have been. But I don't believe in my heart that they'll do that, not anymore.


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