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That is uncalled for. He doesn't deserve to be fired. You could well argue that if it were not for him, Nintendo might not still exist, at least not as a video game company. You could even argue that if it weren't for him, and games that he co-created like Mario and Zelda, that the NA game industry might still be fairly dead.

He IS the Walt Disney of gaming, and has given us, and me personally, so many great games and memories. However, while he is a creative genius, he is not infallible. He has always been an artist, and not very into gaming himself. He thinks up neat ideas, and then designs games around those ideas, not the other way around. And for a long time, to his credit, that method to his madness served him, and gamers everywhere, very well. It was that outside the box approach that gave us games like Mario Kart, and SMB, and Zelda, and Pikmin. But, in his old age, he is getting odder, for sure. His eccentricity and wacky ideas, I think it's fair to say, no longer really fit the major franchises he created.

There is an argument to be made, that there comes a time when you need to step aside and let a younger generation take over, as is happening with the newest Zelda, which he has had little to no real involvement in. There has come a point, obviously, where Miyamoto's methods and ideas, are not working the same way they used to. He is the type to get bored with what he considers to be "the same old sh*t", and he always wants to think up new ideas. That is why, in HIS mind, they have to "justify" new entries in franchises like F-Zero, or Star Fox, etc., by coming up with "fresh" ideas for them. Such as his ideas for Star Fox Zero. The problem is, he is a bit out of touch, as he doesn't seem to understand that MOST fans of those franchises, WANT, not literally, but to some extent "the same old "sh*t". Meaning we want that fundamental experience that we came to love about that series in the first place. We don't need tacked on control concepts or gameplay gimmicks.

I think it has come to a point, where Miyamoto needs to just work on smaller passion projects, NEW IPs. Just be a mad genius and apply your crazy gameplay concepts to brand new games. The problem has become, that he wants to keep slapping these neat ideas that he has, into Star Fox, or Mario, etc. etc., which can often have a negative effect on those franchises. With Star Fox especially, it deserved a brand new game with a brand new story, but even AS Zero is, it NEEDED, for many fans (like myself) an option to play with normal controls. It isn't simply that we "don't want to try something new". It's that, for many, the mandatory control scheme he envisioned actually kind of ruins the game. And it was so hard for Platinum to implement, that the development of the game suffered.

I LOVE Miyamoto. And he deserves every respect that could possibly be given to a figure in gaming history. He more than any other single individual has shaped and influenced gaming itself, for decades. And if he wants to stick around well into his 80s or 90s, still designing neat little game ideas? Let him. He's earned that. But I DO agree that he should stay away from the major franchises from now. He has obviously grown bored with them, thus he should move on to make fresh IPs that use his ideas in the future.


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