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Mon Jul 04 16 02:25pm
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I have no idea how to properly explain my love for the underground areas of Pikmin 2. I wouldn't say that it was combat-focused, but the farther along you get the game, the more you're forced to think about how to deal with enemies while you're solving these various puzzles, or how to avoid enemy encounters in general. For example. one cave has an unbeatable enemy that will appear on each floor up until the final one, where you can finally attack it. So each floor up until then can have two challenges: getting everything and running to the next floor before the guy spawns, or (falling that little time trial) figuring out how to avoid the enemy. The tension that you got above ground with the time limit is replaced with the tension of really powerful enemies just lurking about, ready to wreck you if you make one wrong move while getting treasure. It's a tonal shift that I really liked, and is something that I wished came back in Pikmin 3 as a challenge mode. With three captains, you could make those areas ridiculously more complex and terrifying to navigate.


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