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Fri Jul 08 16 05:13am
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The irony in this message is massive.

The director of the game said he didn't like the change, he was disappointed with the changes, yet, you're here, still bashing the people who actually agree with the director?

By the way, if it wasn't for people like you, entitled SJW children, we may have gotten the game with the original content...

But nope, since half of the audience were people like you, who instead of saying: "hey, give me the same game the Japenese people got", went full retard with: "wwwooowww, all these weeeeboossss, I don't want the same game, this is stupid anyways".

So, THANK YOU for helping the game industry to stay stupid. You are doing an amazing job.

By the way, wheres all the conversation about: "it was the developers who decided this, it's not cernsorship"?

The developers decided what? Hahahaha.


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