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I finished Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams a couple days ago.
I bought it 2 years ago because it was cheap during a sale and I wanted a new 2D platformer to play (that is more than taken care of now with Super Mario Maker but that wasn't an option at the time I bought this). I realized it is taking up over 3gb of precious Wii U HDD space, so I wanted to play through it just so I could delete it after. The reason it took me so long to get around to playing this is because on day one when the game released it had a bug that prevented the audio from working on the GamePad when you were using Off-TV mode and it took them nearly a year to finally fix it via patch.

You may know the origins of the original Giana Sisters being pretty much a rip-off of Super Mario Bros. but for this one they decided to try and make it stand out on its own. Well, nobody is going to confuse this for a Mario game, that's for sure. Not to say that it's awful, it's just incredibly average and it lacks the little touches that only Mario platformers have and nobody else seems to be able to reproduce.

You play as two sisters, switching between them when you need to use one of their unique powers. One of the sisters has a "cute" look, the other is more "punk", and when you switch between them the environments graphical style and music changes too. Those are the only changes though. They control exactly the same. There's around 20 levels and that might not seem like a lot but they're about twice as long as the levels in 2D Mario games.

Graphically, it's decent, but the frame-rate dips at times and there's some screen tearing going on once in a while. The controls as well are not always precise. I've died countless times on mis-timed jumps that I should have made and weren't always my fault that I didn't. The load times in between levels really should have been worked on before releasing it. Also, the difficulty level...I started out playing just on the normal difficulty, and holy crap are some of these boss fights just so ri-gosh darn-diculously hard. I shouldn't be dying 20+ times on the boss fight at the end of only the first world! The difficulty should build up gradually not just spike up out of nowhere. After lowering the difficulty down to easy I was able to reach the final boss (his name is Gurglewocky, btw) and I spent nearly 2 hours retrying over and over to finally beat him. Instead of being left with a sense of accomplishment, I was more left thinking "I'm glad this crap is finally over".


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