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Tue Jul 19 16 11:14am
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With sales around the 50,000 mark some would say that's pretty good for a censored game!-It's not.
Of course what's not taken into account (reality) is that the Wii U currently is going through a massive games drought, which you would think would at least generate more sales due to a lack of titles available, and that Wii U owners just wanting something to play. However with a lack luster advertising effort and needless Censorship that went into catering to and audience that's not there, you end up neglecting the one that is, the anime and J RPG fandom. And that fandom is a lot bigger than 50,000 on the Wii U. Frankly I believe money spent on the censoring of this game was wasted, and if it had been spent more effectively on targeted advertising, sales would probably be better.
In fact I even have an idea to resolve this issue, Nintendo in the future can capitalize on the anime fandom, niche titles they make in the future should be handed over to Xseed for proper localization, as apparently NOA, no longer knows what they're doing! Of course if anyone was paying attention that would've been apparent for the last five years...