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Fri Jul 22 16 01:00pm
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I liked the demo so far. I suppose like most portable games trailers have a hard time selling these games.

All in all looks and feels like a compressed, compact and condensed Metroid Prime game with a more fun multiplayer mode. The militaristic music reminds me of Jet Force Gemini. The aiming is much better than Hunters and perhaps better than Kid Icarus Uprising.

All in all I'm more hopeful if you can enjoy playing it on single player. I don't know how online co-op will work on single player.

My main complain, having accepted what this game is and also accepting what its not; is the grip on the 3DS XL, after a time playing its kind of straining on the hands like how Smash 3DS was. I'm not convinced the 3DS was well made for hectic 3D action games.


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