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Sat Jul 30 16 01:44am
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For a portable... it's tricky Intelligent Systems might have done the same going by Codename STEAM. Artoon is out of question, they don't have a great record. Also with the genre they took I can't think of a lot of examples of worthy FPSs on portables. I think Renegade Kid is the one that comes to mind with Dementium and Moon, though why will Nintendo collaborate with them.

Also on-topic does this game has a director? In Wikipedia Kensuke Tanabe is only listed as producer, but Hunters did have a director.

Anyway disregarding the game, is evident the Metroid series is a series without a team, Retro is moving into new stuff, Team Ninja and the RnD team didn't work. So the question lingers on what team wishes to do a Metroid game and commit to it.


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