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I added it successfully. I have no way to test it except for staying subscribed to all three feeds for now and see if a Rumor/Leak article does show up on the other 2 and doesn't show up on my personal feed. That might take a while, though!
What I noticed is that apparently the articles in my personal feed seem to be 'inserted into feedly' (no idea how to properly word this) quicker than the articles of the other two feeds. In other words, they appear higher up in my feed than the ones from the other 2 feeds, like this:

Note where the Megaton Musashi articles are in the list.

...Though, I also notice a deleted article that is appearing in the Feedburner and direct feeds, but not my personal feed. (The one about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 coming to Wii U.) It doesn't appear to be a leak or a rumor -- at least not categorized as such. Is it a false positive, or was this a genuinely deleted article? Changing my settings still hides the article for me (even when trying to visit it directly), so I'm thinking it's a genuinely deleted article...

I actually like that about the RSS feed. The mistakes (typos in the title, etc.) are still documented so I have a bit of a history of the article, so that if people are talking about a typo in the title (that has later been fixed) I know they're not crazy

Hmm, I feel like I'm being a bit confusing and convoluted here. Sorry, English isn't my primary language, and if it gets technical like this and I need to explain things, I sometimes struggle a bit


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