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Mon Aug 08 16 11:07pm
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His work was not for nothing. The Game received praise at it's release a few days ago (well deserved in my opinion because it is great) and thousands of people downloaded the Game. After the C&D for the File Hosting Companies, their Torrent Section was almost destroyed because their provider only allowed them 10 TB of Data Volume and there were so many people now downloading the Game via Torrent. Also, if they send him the C&D at the beginning of the development, never of the great aspects I've talked about would have had happened and no one of us could play it. And now the Game is downloaded so many times, it will most likely stay on the Internet forever. Downloading a copy shouldn't be a problem. The Game was also meant a free download and the developer and the people behind him always known the C&D might come quick. The only sad thing is, there won't be a 1.1 Version now.

I also like to blame NoA because I don't like them and their business methods. But this time, I think, comes direct from the Headquarters from Japan. You don't need NoA for defending your property. Japan is one of the most harsh people you have to deal with when it comes to Copyright.


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