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Mon Aug 08 16 11:24pm
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No one is bashing Nintendo for protecting their IP. You may not judge so harsh about other people. It's only natural they decided to take it down, but it was the way they've done it. It simply was bad style. There were many companies who handled such a situation way better. Also, it's Nintendos own fault the Game was released. They had 10 years the chance to end this project, they haven't. Now the Game is released, praised, downloaded many times and 2 days later, their lawyers wrote the developers a C&D. And we still don't know how this will continue. Maybe Nintendo will charge the developer for copyright infringement, which would be the worst situation for him. I sure hope Nintendo will leave it be after the C&D. If they are stupid enough not protecting their IP's well enough, well, I guess the blame is on them in this case. From an unemotional perspective, they have done the right thing but that don't mean we have to like it, not when a quality product was created. So your Pokemon Rip Off argument have no value here.


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