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I certainly hope that one of these days you grow up enough to realize that other human beings are allowed to have differing views or opinions or feelings from your own, without you childishly attacking and marginalizing them for it, simply because you don't agree. In fact it would be nice if every single "expert" and advocate, all across the internet, would reach such a level of common sense wisdom and maturity.

I don't know about you, but I for one, AM a creator. I'm a writer. And if anything I do ever makes a lot of money and gains a lot of fans, you know what? If someone wants to write a fan-fiction based on my universe? Or their own spin/retelling of that universe? More power to them. So long as they're not making money off of the work, I don't care, and in fact (so long as it isn't some creepy erotica), might probably be flattered.

Because that's all this was. A guy in his spare time, making a remake of Metroid II that Nintendo themselves will likely NEVER make. He didn't "steal" their IP, he was paying tribute to it, and giving fans something Nintendo themselves likely never will. He made a fan-project, on his own time and resources, that he then offered to fans to play for FREE. He isn't making a single cent off of it, and I'd wager was never planning to. That's fan fiction, and an homage to the Metroid franchise.

So no, Nintendo was absolutely not in the "right" in this scenario. They have should have no legal claim on a fan project that is non-profit. They might as well go on a rampage and take down EVERY single Nintendo-based home-brew and hack, because there are literally dozens, if not hundreds out there in existence. And none of them are "stealing" anything from Nintendo, nor are they making any money off of their existence. It's all just fan projects. Period.

As much as I hate modern day Capcom, you know what they did, when they discovered a fan-made project to cross over 8-bit Mega Man with Street Fighter? They helped him put it out and advertised it for him. Because they realized fans would love it, and it was offered for FREE. Nintendo easily could have done the same. Unless they're magically trying to say they ARE working on a Metroid II remake themselves, there was zero point in them taking this down. And you know what? Even if they were, who cares? Myself and most other people would rather play an "official" remake over a fan one, and would gladly pay actual money for it which this guy wasn't charging, so even IN that scenario, this homebrew existing costs Nintendo exactly nothing.

So thanks for insulting the intelligence of anyone you don't agree with. But just because you take such a "high ground" stance, doesn't always make you right. And insulting others, is never a very strong sign of maturity, OR intellect. Might want to consider that next time, when sharing your opinions.


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