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Tue Aug 09 16 01:52am
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I edited in to clarify the difference on the two, but basically copyrights apply to products and trademarks apply to names (and to a lesser extent associated symbols).

Losing the trademark here would essentially mean a loss of Nintendo's exclusive right to call things 'Metroid' and have them be official parts of the franchise, and depending on how they have filed, specific iconography from the series (such as the look of Samus's varia suit, her ship, the way Metroids are designed, etc).

Losing the copyright here would mean a loss Nintendo's exclusive right to distribute Metroid merchandise, including pre-existing stuff that they already produced, so for instance you could sell pirated copies of the actual games or whatever. (But again, Nintendo is not in danger of losing their copyright on this for decades (probably *ever*).)


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