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I don't think people are caring as much either way, but I think it's also because Nintendo hasn't showed as much proudness about this game. Kirby did get an amiibo line, Star Fox got a short movie, even Color Splash has had a stupid chuckle moment with the breakdance pig (and to some the fact it looks good matters). This game feels kinda like the new Ghostbusters movie, harmless but unwanted and unnecessary. I might be wrong but it doesn't look as offensive as Other M, but it's also because it isn't trying as hard. It's just the fairest point I can give it is that it might be a better game than Hunters, which is setting the bar just barely above the ground.

I think Paper Mario enters more that category of "a good Sonic game in a bad series of Sonic games". Also considering the Mario and Luigi games have had more hits than misses. Then again they never tried as hard.


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