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1. Corporate Sneaks(Or whoever) go on discussion boards to do damage control(really badly I might add).
2. One user has the nerve to call them out on their motifs.
3. Corporate Sneaks(Or whoever) can't 'retaliate' for fear of being found out.

I hope someday some of you make something worth money, and then someone rips you off.

Fanwork was free, yo. No Money wanted/got. Argument Invalid.

And then I want you not to care that they stole it from you.

Fun Fact: You can't Steal *'intangible'/Non Physical things.
*It's called Plagiarism when it involves an Idea.

Throwing a scenario here. May not transfer transparently.

Let's say there is a river(lets assume this river belongs to no one and cannot be claimed by anyone either), a property mid stream, and another property down stream of that. You gather water from the river in a jar on the second property(lets assume the second property is yours or also cannot be claimed by anyone). It's like saying you Stole the first properties water from the river because it came down from that property onto the second(lets assume means'what's that other word for fence I'm thinking of? Median?' don't apply here and even then you'r on your own property or open property not belonging or claimable by anyone).

The guy should have never made the game. He knew what was going to happen.

Translation: No one can ever have/do Nice Things, EVER because [label removed due to multiple seemingly ambiguous terms, so lets just say 'reasons'].


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