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Yes. If a million different people released a million different unlicensed Metroid games, Nintendo would likely lose the trademark.

Let's just say, for all intents and purposes, this is ACTUALLY true, just Not brought up(additionally, sources can't be traced but are none the less existent for protection reasons). Would suddenly bringing it up trigger? Seems like an Eye for an Eye thing in the grand scheme of things for the fans side.

Public reaction. If it becomes generally accepted that basically anyone and everyone can make a metroid game without consumers knowing the difference, to the point where it became a generic term, then there would be no need for Nintendo to hold the trademark, they would lose it, and then literally anyone would be able to sell a game and call it 'metroid' in the same way that pretty much anyone can sell a pain relief pill and call it 'aspirin'.

Metroidvania, isn't enough? What will be exactly?
Also, can the terms also include another title, or do we have to give it a name like Castloid for that instance?


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