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Tue Aug 09 16 08:46am
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Are we honestly going to go through this every single time Nintendo makes a move to protect their IPs?

How many times does it have to be said? They can't be picky and choosey on who gets shut down and who doesn't. It has to be everyone because if they don't, they lose some edge in court battles over their copyrights because the defense would use those that didn't get shut down as part of their case against Nintendo.

Everyone can hate them all they want. Nintendo will never stop protecting their properties. Why fans and fan developers think it will ever be any different is what is shocking and sad. Stop wasting your time remaking their products and then trying to release them. The minute you do, a C&D will be drafted up and ready to go.

I'm not defending them or their practices, all I'm saying is everyone needs to stop acting brand new. This is how it always goes and always will. If they are lax on one group, it hurts their own abilities to enforce their copyrights and trademarks in court. The silly outrage is to the point where it's downright embarrassing. Grow up and learn to accept the world we live in. You won't always get what you want in life, no matter how much you whine, complain, kick or scream. Nintendo fans should know that better than anyone.


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