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Tue Aug 09 16 09:56am
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It's a never ending cycle I'm afraid. I mentioned this in an article I made so I'll just quote what I said there.

My Article said:
The reality is Nintendo was doing their legal duty of protecting their IP, no matter how much it sucks to see a great game get pulled down. Nintendo isn’t some small studio who talks to fans on a daily basis, they are a major corporation who wants everything to play out in their eyes, and while NOA is certainly nicer with fans compared to NCL, the fact remains that they’ll do whatever they want, whether we like it or not. There’s no point in “boycotting” them because of this, nor is there any point in making snotty remarks about how you’ll buy a PS4 Neo instead of Codename NX, because in the end, you’ll forget about it, and move onto more important issues in the real world, and Nintendo won’t care one bit about your complaints or choice.

Being a guy who consider the prime series/Other M non-canon spin-offs, I was really happy to see a fan-game for 2D Metroid that looked amazing... But this shouldn't have been a surprise. I do hope NCL gets off their bum and makes the next Metroid game an actual Metroid V, though instead of yet another Prime game. Metroid Fusion can't be the final installment forever, as It's been 14 years!


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