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"Metroidvania, isn't enough?"

'Metroidvania' is not a registered trademark of any company, nor could it ever be at this point. Literally hundreds of games (from thousands of different people) bill themselves as such. Franchises are trademarked; genres are not.

It is exactly the sort of generic term that Nintendo fears 'Metroid' itself becoming.

"Also, can the terms also include another title, or do we have to give it a name like Castloid for that instance?"

What's in a name?

It's a free country: The terms we use as individuals in speech can include whatever names and trademarks we want in them.

If Nintendo and Konami had their way, the term 'metroidvania' would not be called that. They *hate* that phrase, lol.

It just so happened that the term came into informal use by normal people and then caught on as general use. Even if the term itself had been trademarked, the same result would have happened since it is basically impossible to police people's use of words, and the companies would have been stuck with just advertising campaigns begging people not to use such language.

Similarly, if enough people referred to the vaguely-defined genre of non-linear gated-progression sidescrollers as 'metroids' or as 'castlevanias', then that would be the generic marketing term talentless indies affixed to their works.


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