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Are we honestly going to go through this every single time Nintendo makes a move to protect their IPs?

Depends, are they going to keep Nut Punching fans, instead of 'legitimately' protecting their IP, like when some frivolous Law Firm tried to sue the for patent infringement? It's articles like this, that somehow have a purpose cause it Really draws out certain users Power Levels really quick.

They can't be picky and choosey on who gets shut down and who doesn't. It has to be everyone because if they don't, they lose some edge in court battles over their copyrights because the defense would use those that didn't get shut down as part of their case against Nintendo.

1. Okay, BUT then, WHY not AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE the purpose of the take down publicly, EH? OR, even bothered to remember that it was Metroids Anniversary?
Marketers care NOT for public image, so long as they can keep money and sell stuff.
2. Buddy, they Ain't going after Everyone. Just the ones they selectively catch wind of. This guy was working at it for 10 years, and only JUST NOW got C&Ded. What's THAT tell you?
3. Someone told me that their copyright is perpetually safeguarded, and that ONLY their trademark is at risk. (Btw, Last I checked, They didn't bother upping their Trademark for Hyrule Warriors).
4. Their actions like that, make me want to find these court battlers and help them out With all the 'offbrand' stuff I know, just to stick it BACK to Nintendo.

Why fans and fan developers think it will ever be any different is what is shocking and sad. Stop wasting your time remaking their products and then trying to release them. The minute you do, a C&D will be drafted up and ready to go.

I Think I know why the Power Level Meter's been On the fritz. It's cause it's detecting all sorts of 'unique' Users, instead of just one or maybe two recently. . .
Also, these kinds of actions, give said devs the green light to start releasing all their works in even more secrecy, to the effect that they can't be found, and that in turn will cause unforeseen infringements that Can't be found, EXCEPT by the opposing Nintendo Law Firms. So Yeah, let them keep going, See where it gets them. They've been on Thin Ice for a while, and they just Love to keep piling the weight on. But he, Marketers/researchers don't think about that kind of stuff, do they? No, their interests are shallow focused; so much, that it blinds them to everything else.

Everyone can hate them all they want. Nintendo will never stop protecting their properties.

And the Devs will Never NOT know ways to circumvent things. Anyway you look at it, they Lose. It would seriously be in their best interest to stop. They lose fans, and that little protection bubble of codependency of pop. They'll have nothing(fans), and eventually lose 'everything' on the gaming front.

I'm not defending them or their practices

Wow, could have fooled me ¬_¬. . .

all I'm saying is everyone needs to stop acting brand new.

Hmm, Why would you use that phrase specifically?. . .

This is how it always goes and always will. If they are lax on one group, it hurts their own abilities to enforce their copyrights and trademarks in court.

Then followed up, with this. . .

The silly outrage is to the point where it's downright embarrassing. Grow up and learn to accept the world we live in.

Then the Insult, as the meter continues to climb into redder shades. . .

You won't always get what you want in life, no matter how much you whine, complain, kick or scream.

Thankfully, this pulled game isn't one of them, and it will serve as a certain kind of mortar for future 'justified' actions against corporate N.

Nintendo fans should know that better than anyone.

Which is all the reason Fans need to leave them, for good.
NX WILL be that last straw for many.
"Good Luck" with Damage control for when that happens to pass.


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